The Pros And Cons Of Demonetization In India

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While the many pros and cons of demonetization continue to be relentlessly debated by the media, both in print and on the air, all concerned continue to lack the data necessary to reach an empirically valid verdict on the whole matter. As far as public perception goes, polling seems to indicate a rather surprising amount of support for the initiative amongst the majority of Indians; notwithstanding the ostensible support, there isn’t an ounce of doubt that the country has been put through a great deal of pain. While it should come as no surprise to anyone that many opposition parties have tried to gain some political capital out of this entire issue, the Congress’s complete and utter inability to effectively accomplish this elementary task …show more content…
The bench who made these observations included Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar, who in less than two weeks time will be the Chief Justice of India. The leader of a major political party making such a serious accusation against the Prime Minister would under normal circumstance be no laughing matter, however, in light of the circumstances, it has resulted in nothing more than making the accuser a laughingstock. Perhaps it is the collective laughter of the nation that is causing a few tremors down Tuglak Road. The weak leadership and graft that defined the last government have become personified in Rahul Gandhi – a man who’s not just politically incompetent but currently out on bail, charged with criminal misappropriation and breach of trust. Whether it is the result of a self-defeating personality disorder or just plain ineptitude, it is incumbent upon the rest of the Congress’s leadership, along with its party workers, to recognize this fundamental limitation within their party and to do away with it. They must decide whether they will agree to a Gandhi-Mukt-Congress in order to avoid a

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