Disadvantages Of Content Analysis Method

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It is possible that the researcher can ignore certain parts of the context source and some evidence can be left out. Basically, this is a disadvantage because if the coding is inaccurate then the findings are invalid. Another downside to content analysis is that it is not considered as a valid complex textual analysis method on its own. Meaning a more in depth process would be necessary to make any serious conclusions, such as a definite correlation.
I will be doing an eclectic study. Along with completing a content analysis, I will also conduct a survey. The point of me also doing a survey is because it allows me to compare people’s reaction to different episodes of the show to see if people respond differently if the episode contains more
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My independent variable would be the use profanity. Profanity would be the independent variable because it stands alone and would not be affected by a variable throughout each episodes’ content. The dependent variable is a variable often denoted by ‘y’ whose value depends on that of another. My dependent variable would be the ratings. Ratings would be the dependent variable because they could be affected by another variable; hopefully that variable is the use of profanity because that is what I am looking for with my study. The control variable is the one element that is not changed throughout an experiment; because it is an unchanging state, it allows the relationship between the other variables being tested to be both valid and better understood. My control variable will be the TV show source. By source, I mean I will be using the same output of networks that comes from television …show more content…
First, I would determine the content area of what I am looking for, which is the survey takers’ reaction to the first season of episodes. Secondly, I would define the population that will be given the survey, which is the willing to participate Delaware State University faculty and students. Thirdly, I would decide how the survey would be administered. My decision would be to send a mass email to each faculty member and student. Fourthly, I will construct the first draft of the survey. In my survey, I will include my questions such as: “On a scale of one to ten how do you rate the shows?” “How did you feel after hearing profanity?” “Do you use profanity?” “If so, how often?” Fifthly, I will draw a representative sample, which will be a mixture of 1,562 faculty members and students. Sixthly, I will pretest the representative sample and refine/strengthen my survey based on the pretest results. Seventhly, I will administer the new and improved survey to my sample. Lastly, I will analyze, interpret, and communicate my

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