The Pros And Cons Of Consumerism And The Environment

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Register to read the introduction… There is no doubt whatever about this: more consumption involves more production, sales, jobs…. Which are good and positive aspects in a capitalist system. In fact, some people argue that consumerism not only cannot delete or destroy our society, but also it is something essential for the society and it strongly benefits the …show more content…
Consumerism can cause air and water pollution, land contamination, and forest degradation. Consumption itself, plus the production and waste of products used in consumption is related to pollution. Industrial waste (especially when just dumped into the rivers and oceans), waste from the tourist industry (including cruise liners, air travel, etc.), waste from industrial agriculture, and automobile emissions are examples of air and water pollutions caused by consumerism. Tobacco production, for example, can lead to soil degradation and land contamination.
Plastic bags are good example of how consumerism can affect our environment. Plastic bags effect our environment because when they are thrown out they can get washed into our water ways .when they reach the rivers and oceans, animals can get caught up in the plastic bag and suffocate.
The buying and selling of fuels is also a major issue because the machines it goes into turns it into a poisonous gas (carbon monoxide) which is omitted into the world’s
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Can we do anything to change the consumerist society? Yes, we can and more than that - we have to. What the anti-consumerists propose is - to own less and to enjoy what you own more. Basically, many things we buy we don't need. As it goes in an anonymous quote “We buy things we don't need to impress people we don't know”. And therefore, thoughtful consuming will finally get us to the point of rational usage of natural resources. In order to change, we will have to get rid of a throw-away mentality. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” is a simple anti-consumerist mantra. And it does work, even if you think that you alone will hardly make any

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