The Pros And Cons Of Confession

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Confession is fundamental in our Christian faith. Through confession, our sin is revealed and we are able to stand in front God and our brothers as a new person as our sin has been confessed and washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ. Confession is a blessing from God. It is one of the opportunities God gives to the Christians to break “into the darkness and seclusion of the heart”(p112). Although confession exposes wickedness, it helps one to have better relationship with God. Confession is not easy as it reveals your evilness to others. Confession between two believers is different than the confession between non-believers. God is the present when confession is made between two believers. As we exposed our sin through confession to our brothers, we are no longer controlled by sin. However, it is hard to confess because “the …show more content…
As a Christian, I often find myself having difficult time confessing to others. I do not have any problems confessing my sin to God alone however according to Bonhoeffer: “The mask you weak before men will do you no good in front of Him...You do not have to go on lying to yourself and your brothers, as if you were without sin; you can dare to be sinner.” (p111) It is equally important to confess our sin to our brothers as to God. We will remain “living in lies and hypocrisy” if we do not confess(p110). Confession still does not happen easily despite the fact that I am living in a Christian community and I am always surrounded by believers. Confession is an intimate action where it is only comfortable to be done with someone you trust and know well. Although it can be difficult, there are still ways we can do to confess in this community: through building close relationships with the brothers and sisters around us such as the personal assistants, discipleship assistants, campus pastor, and etc. So when confession is needed, these people will be the great people to confess to. Confession has

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