Concentration Camps During The Holocaust

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What were concentration camps? They were like a prison that the Germans build to keep the Jews inside of. They would kill them, put them to work, and make them suffocate with gas. Concentration camps were prisons that had millions of prisoners who got sick easily, and who the Germans made work like slaves in 42,000 camps and would force them into the showers to be gassed. Americans who found the camps thought they were terrible. Concentration camps were like prisons. According to the passage, imprisonment was, “usually under harsh conditions and without regard to legal norms of arrest and imprisonment that are acceptable in a constitutional democracy” ( Even though it was wrong, the Germans accepted it. Through 1933 until 1945, …show more content…
According to, Captain J.D. Pletcher said,
The ground was pulpy throughout the camp, churned to a consistency of warm putty by the milling of thousands of feet, mud mixed with feces and urine. The smell of Gunskirchen nauseated many of the Americans who went there. It was a smell I’ll never forget, completely different from anything I’ve ever encountered. It could almost be seen and hung over the camp like a fog of death.
Captain Pletcher described how tiring it was. It was a terrible experience and unforgettable. It had a terrible smell. Concentration camps were basically like torture for the prisoners.
Germans captured Jews and put them in prisons which were called concentration camps. They treated them like slaves. They made them work hard without resources. People would get sick, and they were starving. The Nazis would trick the prisoners by supposedly transferring them and putting them in gas vans instead. They used different colored triangles to identify the prisoners. It is important to research concentration camps because , it's really interesting and people would want to know about the past and to inform people what happened back

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