Color Perception

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If I were to say red, one might think of a strawberry, a stop sign, or a fire truck. But science has come in and testified to this phenomenon called Color Perception. What I think is red, is what another person may call red, but in reality, they see a different color, such as blue. In the end, everyone calls the stop sign red, but the means of seeing it still may be different. Just as today many people may go to a park, an event, or a bar to find the person they are supposed to marry, traditional arranged marriage is not really any different. I may call “the correct marriage” finding someone by chance while another person may call “the correct marriage” traditional arrangement. In the end, marriage is two people who are happy spending the rest of their lives together. So, the author, Anita Jain, says why not give arranged marriage a try. While arranged marriage is not prevalent in America today, the issue should be over respecting tradition and not over if arranged marriage is right or wrong, …show more content…
Sign can testify that he made the right choice after seeing his wife of walk down the isle twenty-five years ago. Personally, a family I am close with was married under obligations of an arranged marriage. The couple was married when he was in his early twenties and she is her late teens. Veer, the man, and Blessy, the woman, have exemplified one of the most love-filled and strong marriages I have ever seen. She had seen Veer around the town in which she lived, but only knew of who he was, and she met him for the first time a week before their wedding ceremony. Because Blessy and Veer respected their parents and Indian tradition, they have developed one of the most beautiful representations of marriage seen in today’s time. So many people overlook and do not know the many stories of many happily married subjects of arranged marriage. Finding the person one is supposed to wed under consent of people who love and care for will result in a good

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