World Vision Poverty

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Ronald Reagan once said, "We fought a war on poverty and poverty won" (Edelman).
With 15% of the population now considered poor, it is tempting to believe that he was right
(Edelman). Global poverty did not occur randomly. Military conquest, slavery, colonization, the seizure of land, minerals, and forced labor are all reasons that poverty began. Unfair debt, trade, and tax policies were imposed on the nations of the global South by the rich nations of the North.
Because of these, poverty has persisted to the present day. The organization World Vision is helping to fight this injustice by responding to devastating disasters and supplying under-served communities with new school supplies, backpacks, and clothing. Poverty has been a worldwide
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Another option would be to reach out to the people in the middle -- from the 30th to the 70th percentile. Politics play an important role in poverty. The people who are to be elected are typically siding with the people in the middle along with either the lower income or the higher income people. It is in the interest of the people who are classified in the middle to vote for the person who is aligned with the lower incomes as well as with themselves. World Vision is a Christian organization that has been serving children and youth in poverty since 1981. Poverty is a disease that the United States cannot get rid of. World Vision focuses on children, families, and communities where poverty is high and opportunities are limited. For families who struggle to pay rent and put food on their table, school supplies can add up to a lot of unnecessary expenses. SchoolTools is one of the many organizations that helps provide the expenses to the families who are unable to afford new school supplies. Businesses, schools, and organizations donate supplies that will be put into backpacks. KidREACH Portal is another program that helps the children of low-income families academically. KidREACH

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