The Pros And Cons Of Cell Phone While Driving

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A cell phone is a device that people can hold it and use within their daily bases and the mobile phone was introduced to the united states in the 19th century which the rate that people using a mobile phone was growing exponentially in a way that was popular all around the globe. cell phones are used in direct contact with the person that lead to a higher flexibility of calling a person within seconds. Also, the cell phone is used in safety procedures such as calling an ambulance when there is an accident and it will help to save alive but if I used the mobile phone while driving can I use it or not and people are debating about this situation. Using cell phone while driving will affect the ability of the driver to talk and drive at the same …show more content…
Then, l will say that the ambulance driver has the right to use the phone as people do while driving. It is wrong that both drivers and ambulance drivers have no right to talk while driving because it is banned by the law of most states in the united states. This is story of a mother and her son was brought to the hospital by an ambulance when the mother shocked that the driver is texting while he is driving and the driver will get a discipline of what he does?. The Researcher which is conducted in United states found that “Commissioner Sawyer says department policy is no cell phone usage is allowed while driving. That includes surfing the internet, texting or talking.” (Action News). So the ambulance driver should not touch his mobile while driving. Second, not always technology is good for using the mobile phone. The texting is new technology that is not good for using it while you are driving and most of the apps such as games, music and videos are not beneficial to use when you drive. There is a “strong evidence that retrieving and, in particular, sending text messaged has critically detrimental effect on a number of safety critical driving measures”. (US Legal). Texting is bad in a way that it distracts the person mind and does not focus on the road when he text and this can affect the safety of the people and driver. These are some evidence of the critics that says you can use the mobile phone while

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