The Pros And Cons Of Cambodian Labor Camps

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Fleeing from your home and being put into forced labor camps is something you never want to think about. For Makara Meng and Jaden Li Eung it was a reality. Running down the gravel road with tears in your eyes as you are told you are going to a forced labor camp where beatings happen everyday, many Cambodians have to face this reality. The Khmer Rouge group took over Cambodia and made the civilian lives a living hell. The Khmer Rouge group was a terrorist group that led Cambodia. They forced Cambodians out of their homes an put them into labor camps. The labor camps were hell on land, they imitated concentration camps in many ways. The civilians were destroyed at the camps, they were beat everyday and were only limited to a certain amount …show more content…
They thought wrong, the citizens were left with nothing. The unemployment rate was down an nobody was hiring. The country couldn't take care of the citizens like the should. Most had little to no food and and nowhere to lay their heads at night. Most had large families and were not making any money to support them. They had to leave to have better life and make a future for their children. The Cambodians had many reasons to come to the United States. The U.S had a better economy for them an could take care of their citizens. The Cambodians came to the U.S for many reasons. The came to the United states because they had a stable economy. Back in Cambodia, after the Vietnam War the economy was down. People were loosing jobs left an right an families didn't have enough money to support themselves an their families. The U.S proved that the economy was stable an they had more job …show more content…
In Cambodia when the Khmer Rouge group took over the only religion you could follow was Khmer. Khmer is a form of Hinduism. The Khmer Rouge group only followed the Khmer religion an some of the civilians wanted to follow a different religion. They also came here for academic freedom. They wanted to be able to excel in school an go to college. They could so what they wanted in school over in the United States.
The last but certainly not the least reason why the Cambodians came to the U.S was because they proved themselves. When the Khmer Rouge group took over Cambodia the United States went to save the civilians in the camps. The U.S teamed up with Vietnam an drove the Khmer Rouge group t the mountains. The U.S helped save the citizens in Cambodia an then put them in refugee camps. The United States helped the Cambodians an the Cambodians saw what country could support them. Jaden Li Eung remembers the refugees camps. "I was carefree in the camp, life seemed happy to

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