The Various Forms Of Bullying

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1) Bullying is an undesired action which is both hurtful and makes the victim feel unhappy on purpose (Hewitt, 2007).The behaviour includes a real or even imagined power imbalance. To be considered bulling the behaviour must have been repeated. ( U.S department of health and human recources, 2014)

2) Physical bullying is abusing a person’s body using physical actions to strive for power over the victim. Punching, kicking and biting are all forms of physical bullying. (BRIM, 2014) Other scenarios could get even worse and can include the victim bleeding or even braking bones. I know a girl in our grade who would smack the same person or grab her arm every time they walked past each other. This is a simple example but is still as harmful to
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(Love is, 2014) I know another girl who got told that she was fat and ugly every day, eventually she started to believe everything the bully was saying, this was evident when at break she wouldn’t touch her food and give it all away, when she could not stand to hear the horrible words any longer she left the school.

Emotional bullying is when the bully lowers your self-esteem. By doing this they send the victim rude SMS’s , give them horrible looks they can also hide or damage the victims possessions . (NSW public schools, 2014) An example of emotional bullying is; there was a girl who got told that she was not pretty enough and not skinny enough very often by a class mate, eventually the girl started to believe her class mate – this lead to her feeling depressed and in adequate with herself. Even after her schooling years she never felt perfectly happy with who she was and how she looked.

3) Cyber bullying is when a person uses electronic devices to say something malicious or horrible to bully the person. Common examples are sending rude messages and doing it as an anonyms person and
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The incident had to be repeated and harmful on porpoise for it to be bullying. If you are just playing around with your friend and she says something nasty that she doesn’t mean and is joking then it is not bullying.

5) Many different types of bullying can cause different effects but sadly many end in suicide.
If a girl is being verbally bullied about how she looks her self-confidence will decrease rapidly and could cause effects long term effects about always feeling the need to fit and feel insecure. If the person is being physically bullied their bodies could have bruises and in very serious cases broken bones.

6) If somebody is bullied at TWC go to a teacher and inform her of your problem so that she can deal with the person who is bullying the person. It is also important that the teacher educates the bully about what she is doing wrong and what she must discontinue doing. The school will help the child because of the no-bullying policy and will punish the

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