The Pros And Cons Of Bottled Water

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In a world where access and portability are the number one requirement for most resources or novelties, it would seem a debate has risen in the wake of progress. Bottled water or tap water, and which is better for the world. Hands down, bottled water is the clear choice here, it is healthy, portable, exportable, and most importantly accessible to everyone. Around the world tap water is sparsely available to the people who need it.“783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation.” (“Facts”) Seven hundred , Eighty three million people worldwide, without access to clean water thousands die each day, millions each year. Bottled water is the answer the people of our dehydrated world so desperately need. While people are dying from waterborne illness and dehydration, arguments are all but futile. The simple answer comes like a hit between the eyes of ignorance. Only Bottled water can be counted on to sustain the life of our dying planet. Most American homes are supplied with water …show more content…
Yet it is a simple one, and the only answer is right on the tip of the tongue, it is a bottle tipping life giving water into the mouth of a dying child, or the dehydrated mother attempting to nourish her baby. The world is in need of water that does not come from a tap, that is not diseased and contaminated. The need for bottled water is real, it is a deadly and terrific expanse which cannot be bridged by a single glass, a bridge for humanity will be built on 1 million bottles filled with life. A bridge leading to bright and fruitful times where children are playing instead of crying in pain, where parents are loving instead of laying in an early grave, this future depends on the bottle and most certainly not the tap. For if we depend upon tap water, there will be only the sick left to die and no hands left to

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