Classroom Obsessive Behavior Analysis

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Teachers get extremely upset when a student is distracted on a certain object or have non-stop talking about a specific topic with their peers. Many children with Asperger syndrome get misread of their behavior. They are either sent away to the office or get their object taken away from the teacher. Children become upset and feel that something is wrong with them therefore they bring up misbehaviors. But in reality teacher can make a difference with the obsessive behavior and engage it into the classroom.

Behavior Traps is a long lastly unpredictable behavior action. Also called SIA for special interest areas. The child has a obsession with a subject or thing that keeps her from concentrating in the classroom. The child can also have obsessives
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They are able to incorporate the special interest areas of the child into the teacher’s lesson plan. Teachers can provide their SIA materials and prompt the student to use them that will encourage them to use their skills for the lesson. For example, If a child is obsessed with maps you can encourage the student to label his favorite maps during a social studies activity or make a compare and contrast chart about a book that talks about different Maps during reading.

The purpose of this strategy is that teacher misread these behaviors that the student has no control of. They think that taking away the object will stop them from being distracted and separating it from them will help them gain their attention back to the lesson. They want to motivate the students to learn new social skills by letting time use their SIA in the curriculum. They believe it will help the child develop new interests while still focusing on SIA
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They would need to identify the student SIA by communicating with the parents of the student to gain more information on the child SIA interest, what does the child to gain more knowledge of that particular subject. Also, They will need to incorporate the SIA in the curriculum and see where subject fits well in the lesson. In addition the teacher needs to provide free access to the SIA by providing materials that will engage the student in their interest. After that, Use the SIA to help the child improve their skills that will help them gain success to and be able help them add new ones. The teacher goal shouldn’t be trying to eliminate the child SIA. But to help them motivate the student to learn new academic and social skills while using their SIA. It will eventually help them find new interests in the future. Another step is to encourage the Target student to let their peers interact with the SIA lessons. It will help the target student improve their social skills and be able to explain to their peers the full knowledge they know about that interest. Lastly, the teacher needs to keep data on the amount of times the child engage with the SIA activity and see where the child lies in the academic

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