The Pros And Cons Of Polygamy

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Marriage is when two adults publicly know their obligations and rights to form a new alliance between two lineage groups of people. Marriage is a stable, socially recognized union of two people. This is an example of a monogamy marriage. In some cases more than two people can be married to another, and this is called polygamy. When a women has more than one husband, which this is typically rare, it is termed as polyandry. Polygyny is when a male has more than one wife, and this is more common than polyandry. More places allow polygamy than prohibit it, but most people prefer to have a monogamy marriage.
There are two main ways that people come to be married to another. These two typical ways are arranged marriages and free choice marriage. Arranged marriages are more fundamentally alliances between families than a romantic relationship between the couple. In arranged marriages, unlike free choice marriages, the parents or families picks who they will marry and arrange the ceremony. Every culture is different when is
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Arranged marriages do not have courtship. Those in arranged marriages normally cannot say no if they do not want to get married to that person. People in arranged marriages can sometimes feel that dating was taken away from them, and the wedding day is not about them because of this. However, unlike arranged marriage, gaining friends’ and families’ approval off the couple may not come as easy as the parents or familying picking the spouse. If an arranged marriage turns out to be an unhappy marriage, the family is the first to get the blame. If an arranged marriage ends in divorce, the family is humiliated. An important reason for arranged marriages is to keep culture and tradition going. Therefore there is often no diversity in arranged marriages. One of the spouses may conform to make the other spouse, or their family, happy in arranged marriage; identity loss can be a common

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