The Pros And Cons Of African-American Discrimination

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In the world today discriminations is nothing that is unusual and it comes in many shapes, sizes and form. For years African-American were discriminate against by whites and were not allowed to use the same restrooms, drink out of the same water fountains as well as ride in the front of the bus with them. Furthermore, when it came to getting jobs they were denied jobs because of their color. Yet it did not keep blacks from trying to become better people as well as get the jobs they felt that they deserved. Unfortunately, in today’s society this is still going on and it is no longer African-American who are being discriminate against but in fact it’s the Mexican-American who are now receiving this discrimination.
Society has now turned its
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The man speaks with a strong accent but is very fluent in English and works for a corporation in that area. Furthermore, he and his family make the average salary or income for that area which means they are more than capable of affording the rent. Unfortunately, the two landlords are not looking at the man’s income but in fact his race when they meet him and feels that he is not go enough to be in the neighborhood. Therefore, they deny him the apartments because of their prejudgment of Mexican and how they feel they will bring down their neighborhood so they do “crooked and underhanded” things to keep them …show more content…
Friedman’s Jewelry which is a large jewelry store chain and it was a class action race discrimination case (, n.d). The case was about three African-American and one white who alleged that Friedman’s discriminatorily denied hiring to African-American for store associates and store manager jobs. They also claimed that African-American were denied higher level of management jobs and paid African-American less than similar qualified white employees in the same job. The two parties reached an agreement including comprehensive injunctive relief and significant monetary relief for the class. Unfortunately, the plaintiffs did not collect because Friedman’s entered bankruptcy proceedings and they had to re-negotiate the amount the plaintiffs and class members would receive which was a smaller amount than the first one because they went into bankruptcy in order to not have to pay the full amount. Therefore, that was their way of still keeping from paying the people their

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