Non Traditional Families Essay

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When we think of the perfect family what do we think of regarding this issue? We normally think of one man and a wife married together till death with two children a boy and a girl. However not all families are like that some families experience a death or a divorce to destroy our image of a perfect family. In her book Barbara Kingsolver argues that whenever we have a non traditional family the children of the family experience a rougher childhood and less stability. I agree with Barbara in some respect but disagree with her in others. She states that single parents and gay families set their children up for failure but I disagree with her in that the "Brady Bunch" families can work despite her objections.
I believe that single parents set
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Gay parents are possibly one of the worst families a child could have. Gay families set their children up for failure by violating God’s law right out of the gate setting their children up for a life without God because they want to live how they please and not think of the repercussions. One thing gay parents do is they destroy how a child sees a male and female. Unlike in a traditional family where the mother and father a clearly defined there is no such thing in these families causing for a very confused child. The families also hurt their children by forcing their children to believe lies that being gay is natural when it is the opposite hurting a child 's sense of God given morality. The parents also can make their children feel alienated in relationships of several types. They alienate their child from their friends as most of their friends will have normal families having the child feel odd and not being able to connect normally. They also hurt their child for when they experience puberty. The child going through puberty will begin to wonder is this right when they experience a crush naturally of the opposite gender due to their parents terrible lead. In short some single parents may hurt their child in not being able to be there, all gay families destroy their child 's sense of morality one of the most important things a parent can give to their

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