The Pros And Cons Of A Nurse

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Are you having second thoughts about a nursing career because of something a friend or relative said? Don't abandon your dreams before you know the truth. It's easy to become discouraged when you hear myths and rumors intended to dampen your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, many misconceptions about the nursing field are accepted as common knowledge, but they're relatively easy to debunk. Some of the most common are listed below.

A Nurse Is Just a Doctor's Gofer

Some people mistakenly believe that nurses just run errands and take orders from doctors. While carrying out a doctor's orders is certainly part of a nurse's day, you'll have far more responsibility than this myth suggests. It's a nurse's job to assess and question orders that have become detrimental or may no longer be appropriate. Because nurses actively and continually monitor patients, their feedback plays a vital role in helping doctors determine the safety and efficacy of a prescribed treatment. In fact, they're often the first to detect or prevent potentially dangerous changes and developing problems. Many lives have been saved due to a nurse's knowledge
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In reality, it isn't; it just hasn't fully materialized yet. Baby boomer nurses, who make up the largest segment of professional nurses, are retiring later in life. As they continue to age and gradually leave the workforce, the nursing shortage will become obvious. Baby boomers in the general population will also be aging and developing multiple medical problems at the same time, so while a large percentage of nurses start to retire, the demand for them will increase. The Affordable Care Act is another important factor impacting the nursing field. As more and more people receive medical benefits and enter the healthcare system, the need for skilled nurses will escalate even

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