The Proposed Budget For 2017 Essay

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The Proposed Budget for 2017 is a lengthy document, full of processes, systems and terms that coincide with the textbook Public Budgeting Systems. It is the intent of this writer to critique parts of the Proposed Budget, in order to either endorse the methodology utilized by the City of Oklahoma City, shed light on potential issues within the document, and to respectfully offer suggestions for future resolutions. This review will contain a short synopsis of five sections of the 2017 Proposed Budget, using not only the facts presented, but also some opinion regarding the differences between budget years as well as expert and public opinion. The sections reviewed will be The Consolidated Budget Overview, The LFR Performance Management System, Airports, Budgeted Position by Department within the Expenditure Summary, and the Community Enhancement within the City Managers Department.
Part I: The Consolidated Budget Overview The most evident change from the approved 2016 budget and the proposed 2017 budget was the total revenue decline in excess of a million dollars, as well as shrinkage of total expenditures. This is most likely due to the downturn of the economy here in Oklahoma, which was a direct result of the falling cost of oil. Practicing attorney and former Speaker of the House Steve Lewis wrote an article in describing that “The U.S. economy has slowly recovered, but we find ourselves on the downside of cyclical oil and gas prices” (Lewis). He also…

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