The Proposal Of Banning Of Tobacco Advertising Essay

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The proposal of banning of Tobacco advertising in India has proven more complex than it looks, and has sparked debate in the country with many arguments for and against being debated. In this essay we will summarize the arguments for and against, address the question of conflict of interest, and conclude with a personal recommendation for tobacco advertising policy.
One of the objectives of banning tobacco advertising by the Government of India, was to discourage adolescents from consuming tobacco products, as it is one of the most dangerous products to the health of users. The World Health Organisation (WHO), shows that Tobacco took over 3 million deaths in the year 1990, and by the year 1998 deaths rose to 4.023 million. By the year 2020, deaths will be around 8.4 million, and finally by 2030, deaths will reach 10 million people.
However, Analysts have suggested that there could be a conflict of interest between the government duty to care for their people and the income the government receives through taxation on Tobacco products because Tobacco is known to be bad for your health, however, when we consider the estimated associated cost of healthcare related to tobacco it seems clear that there is a clear financial benefit to reducing smoking:
”In India, analysts estimated that cigarettes contributed only 0.14% of the G.D.P and the health costs roughly translated to 0.21% of the G.D.P.” (Morris, 2001 P. 2)
Taking this holistic view, there is clearly no conflict of…

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