Essay on The Promotion Of Healthy Eating

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The promotion of healthy eating in Canada is significant for improving the health of populations locally and globally. There are many determinants for eating behavior such as physiological influences especially with in seniors. As a result, communities provide assistance that can enhance seniors’ abilities to procure and prepare an adequate diet. Although food preferences are highly individual and may indeed have physiological origins. Policies at the local, regional and national level have a significant impact on collective food choices and thus act as determinants of healthy eating.
In Canada, the promotion of health and well-being of Canadians are seen by collaborative act of defining, promoting and implementing evidence-based nutrition policies and standards in documents such as Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating and Canada’s Guidelines for Healthy Eating.
Policies discused were : the Agricultural policies which intersect with economic policies in influencing the availability of a safe, nutritious and affordable food supply. And other Specific policies, such as monitoring income support to ensure that it is adequate to purchase the components of a healthy diet.
These Policies provide protection to consumers by counterbalancing prevailing marketing motivated by profit, not health. These potential policy levers promote healthy eating through a changed price structure for food that favors purchase of more nutritious choices.For example, taxation policies could…

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