The Project Manger For Scenario B Essay example

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As the project manger for Scenario B, I took the role as the conflict manager. I was not able to focus and put my energy into the project itself. I spend all of my energy trying to balance out all the issues that kept coming to the surface. It was very difficult to mange the team, the risks and the project. Just like in the reading, it expresses that in most cases the project manager acts as the conflict manager. I was doing my best to follow the advice given to me. I was trying to manage the team so that my employee would manage the project. The conflict resolution section of the chapter talks about how ineffective this strategy might be, however I thought based on the corporate poaching of my team, it was a necessary move that I had to make. The chapter suggests that instead on trying to manage the conflict, I should have asked myself why did my team member leave the project to begin with? There was something that I was doing that resulted in them feeling the need to take a better offer with a different company. Looking back at the scenario, I think that I may have come off to controlling, micromanaged the decision process and made unrealistic timeline goals for the project. My conflicts that came up during the project-involved manpower resources, cost, technical trade-offs, scheduling and clashes within the team. Even though I was unable to handle all the conflicts effectively, these conflicts were meaningful for my growth as a conflict manager. Things would have gone…

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