The Project Classroom Makeover By Cathy Davidson Essay

1771 Words Oct 18th, 2016 8 Pages
Everyone has a different background, and backgrounds are depending on skin color, religion, family wealth… etc. Identities have fallen into different categories; however, it does not matter that people’s identities are, eventually, people will change because of the surrounding environment, which is the institutionalized practices. Institutionalized practices are taking places like schools, workplaces, basically the place where people spend the most time besides their homes. Places like that would shape individual’s identity because it ranks people from class to class, and automatically people will fit into different classes. In Project Classroom Makeover, the author Cathy Davidson believes that collective learning will shape a person’s identity, by sharing ideas and communicating with others, people can learn the skill that leads them to have the ability to survive in the real world. People would also find their purpose by sharing insights with others. In this society, not all people are expertise, but they can still share ideas and stimulate their creativity to success in the future. In Biographies of Hegemony, the author Karen Ho presents the idea of elitism, which is people not only have individual intelligence, but also have the quality of being an expert and has self-confidence, aggressive, and hard-working. Students who attend Harvard or Princeton and now are working on Wall Street are considering the elite and successful people. However, their institutional practices…

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