The Project Classroom Makeover And Biographies Of Hegemony By Cathy Davidson

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Establishing oneself as superior over others is crucial in modern day society where the caliber of candidates for any position is highly competitive. In the essays the “Project Classroom Makeover” and “Biographies of Hegemony” by Cathy Davidson and Karen Ho, both discuss the faulty system in which hierarchies in school and elites in Wall Street place on the selection process of individuals. They discuss the heavy bias and lack of depth utilized by both systems when analyzing individuals for selection into their firms and institutions. The overly simplistic system used by investment banking companies in the selection process is generic and fails to survey the vast population of candidates. This backwards system trickles down to the hierarchies of the education system where most colleges fail to recognize the potential of many students and accepting students who excel mainly due to a score on a test. They follow a set of arbitrary rules which ultimately place some ahead of others for extraneous reasons. The expectations of smartness and originality in the elite cultures of the job market hinder the overall positive progression of society by shaping highly qualified individuals as undeserving while giving non-qualifying members an edge they should not possess. Wall Street firms are at the crux of the progression in one of the largest investment banking scenes in the world. When in a field of work which requires highly qualified, out of the box thinkers, one would imagine that…

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