The Prohibition Of Death Penalty Essay

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Prohibition of Death Penalty America’s death penalty was inspired by Britain in excess to any other country.
The practice of capital punishment was brought to the new world by the European settlers. Regulations that regards the death penalty is determined by colony. Though the law of New England was not created until years after the fact, the first execution of Massachusetts Bay Colony was held in 1630. The Duke’s Laws was made in 1665 by the New York Colony. These laws made it so that wrongdoings, such as denying God, or fighting our Mother and Father carried the punishment of death. Statistics shows that crime rates continue to increase in states that has the death penalty verses states that does not. (Recinella, 2004, pg18-20) The death penalty should be prohibited in the United States of America, because it targets a specific group of culture, conduct poor investigations, and causes a high percentage of innocent victims to be executed. However, the race of the victim and defendant are considered to be serious factors that contribute to the sentencing in our country. Studies reveal that African Americans are more likely to receive the death penalty for murdering a White American, verses White Americans who murder blacks. The percentage of African Americans continues to overgrow in prisons and on death row. According to Chief Greenberg, the immediate motivation behind why about portion of the general population who are captured for manslaughter in this nation are dark…

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