Essay on The Prohibition Era During The Roaring Twenties

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“Because the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act did not make it illegal to drink alcohol, only to manufacture and sell it, many people stockpiled liquor before the ban went into effect. Rumor had it that the Yale Club in New York City had a 14-year supply of booze in its basement” (“Roaring Twenties”).
The Roaring Twenties was a time in American history when the American people started to change physically and emotionally. Girls were wearing shorter dresses, smoking, and attending raucous parties, while men began drinking all day long and partying at night. Even though the 1920s were known ironically to be a decade of scandal, it is also known as the Prohibition Era. An era where strict alcohol regulations were suppose to decrease crime and alcohol accidents. The Prohibition Era had various causes and effects including bootleggers, the creation of speakeasies, an increase in crime, and an increase in health problems.
Many people and events influenced the beginning of the Prohibition Era. The first was the religious movement that spread throughout the states. Religious groups were saying that alcohol was ungodly and corrupt. This made many states make their own prohibition law. The next reason was women. They were becoming more vocal towards politics and work behavior, and believed that if men kept drinking their families and marriages would fall apart. Similarly, the Temperance Movement believed that any illnesses, murders, and crimes were because of alcohol…

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