The Progressives Fought Against Labor Strife And Towards Women 's Rights

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The progressives fought against labor strife and towards women’s rights. Because of the poor working conditions suffered by many, the progressives joined with the working class in the fight against the power-hungry leaders of America, fixing many of the problems and standing up for what they believed in. For the most part the majority of the progressive movement was comprised of middle class, white, Protestant women. Since they were Protestant, they believed that it was their duty to not only bring people to God, but to also help all individuals who were not as fortunate as themselves (Drake). These women joined with the working class in the struggle against the power-heads, as seen in Triangle when von Drehle expresses how “…Immigrant workers and wealthy progressives combined to lead a strike by women’s waist makers that shocked and thrilled the city,” (4). The progressives were not revolutionists, but instead believed the system could be fixed with a fair fight. Successful freedmen also joined the progressive movement because they knew first hand the problems caused by working in harsh conditions. The progressive women often spread their ideas when they acted as workers in settlement houses, defined in Exploring American Histories as “community centers established by urban reformers in the late nineteenth century,” (G-8). This is mentioned in Triangle on page 197: “Settlement houses were a breeding ground for progressive leaders and a testing ground for their ideas,” (von…

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