The Progressive Era Essay

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The Progressive era was a time of economic growth caused by rapid industrialization, urbanization, and immigration. This resulted in many social and political problems that individuals in American society wanted to make known. These individuals rose mainly from the middle class and were called Progressives. The term “Progressive” arose around 1910. It described a political movement that sought to cure America’s social and political problems and change the relationship between government and society. They were not against the government, but thought that the government could be used as a weapon to better the environment and living conditions. Progressives suggested that rash actions by political machines and bosses were corrupting public and private life. An event that helped spark the Progressive movement was the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company. The fire broke out in a factory which was located in New York City. The factory was in a ten-story building, but it only occupied the top three floors. Mostly Jewish and Italian women worked there. When they tried to escape, they realized that the doors to the stairwells had been locked. The fire department showed up, but they only had a ladder tall enough to reach the sixth floor. Many women jumped from the building and even more burned inside. This brought attention to how horrific the working conditions were for some people, and that something needed to be done about it. Muckrakers were the most vocal of the movement.…

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