Essay about The Progressive Era

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The Progressive Era was a time in United States history when big changes were beginning to occur all over. Major campaigns began that focused on reforms such as temperance, abolition, women 's rights, and asylum and prison reformation. Because of great pioneers that took the time to make a difference, our country is so much better and stronger.
What is reform? Reform is to make changes in something in order to improve it. Every individual that was involved in the reformation era had one thing in common; they all wanted to improve the way of life in the United States. They saw that there was an issue that was affecting the peace and decided to be a voice. Without reform we wouldn’t have change and improvements that are so dire to the evolution of life. The temperance movement was one reform that helped evolve our country and still has an effect on present day way of life.
The American temperance movement was a social movement against the consumption of alcoholic beverages. It encouraged the moderation of alcohol. The temperance movement started after the American Revolution in Connecticut, Virginia, and New York. It was often encouraged by women that had to endure effects of excessive drinking from their husbands. Some effects are their families not having food to eat because all of the men’s earnings were spent on liquor. Action occurred when farmers formed groups to ban whisky distilling. Later on the movement spread to eight states advocating abstinence, not just…

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