The Progressive Era Of The United States Essay

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The Progressive Era was a time in the United States where everything was about change. The Progressive Era took place starting in the 1890’s and ending in the 1920’s. The people of the Progressive Era, the Progressives, wanted the United States to change for the better. There were major economic and social problems that needed to be fixed. One of the biggest changes in the Progressive Era was the education reform. Before the Progressive Era began about in 1890, the school systems were a lot different. Back in the day education was only provided until a child was capable to function. This meant that students only had to know the bare minimum to get by. Students would only attend school for an average of 5 years total. The school year was also very short due to weather conditions and farming. The material the students would learn in class was basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. Students would memorize mathematical facts, read literature, and learn how to write. The way the teachers would present this material was by standing in front of the class all day long. Teachers would only teach their students by lecturing the information the students needed to know to get by. The conditions of schools were terrible. The structure of the schoolhouse was horribly built and incredibly small. The term people would use for the schoolhouses was rickety construction. The schools would also be very overcrowded because they were the size of a classroom we would be in today.…

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