The Progressive Era Of The American Era Essay

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The Progressive Era was a time full of social and political reform in the United States. When one thinks of the Progressive Era, men such as Upton Sinclair or W.E.B De Bois may cross their minds. However, many women in this era spearheaded very impactful events such as Florence Kelly with her work against child labor, and Jane Addams with her assistance to the poor. In addition to those, one very controversial movement lead by a woman found its bearings in this era. Originating around 1912, the birth control movement was led by a nurse named Margaret Sanger who fought for reproductive rights for women (Chesler). This movement called for the rights of a women to control her own body and decide for herself whether she should have a child or not. In a time where Comstock laws were implemented in numerous states in the U.S and women were expected to produce as many children as they could, Sanger decided to do something about the atrocities that were being perpetuated because of these inequalities. Still, before delving into the life of Margaret Sanger and why she felt the need to revolutionize women’s reproductive health, an understanding of America in this era should be recognized.
The United States at this time had many issues pertaining to women and women’s health. These problems ranged from prostitution, age of sexual consent, issues involving marriage, and openness about sexuality (“Women”). When the Progressive Era rolled around, the fight for gender equality was prompted…

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