The Progressive Era Of America Essay

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Although America was undergoing through a high point in history, there was a large downfall not only economically but, also socially and politically. The Progressive Era consisted of several problems that affected America as a whole later on but, it taught the government how to function on it’s own instead of depending on big businesses. Throughout the Progressive Era problems were presented that were composed of the lack of space for housing, poor working conditions and the inability to fulfill the promise of freedom in America.
A major situation in the Progressive Era was the lack of space in homes to support the people. The workers had to return back from work to a tight living space, barely any room to fit one family. Personal space was not in the vocabulary of the people, they were forced into cramp spaces and very unsanitary environments. Evidence to support this statement, “fresh air enters these stairs from the hall door...hacking cough...the child is dying with measles...that dark bedroom killed it…” (Document 2b). This author clearly understood that disease was one of the major problems of tenement housing because the disease can spread in a matter of seconds and children had to survive through the harsh settings. In addition to having the measles children are forced to be in such a small space. The only source of air that the people could get was from the air coming from the openings of doors because there were no windows in the housing to allow fresh air and…

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