The Program Is Not Our Program Essay

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Sitting in the back of the class listening to Desi, Stephen and Melissa I was amazed. I was amazed at the knowledge and wisdom these individuals have. They may not know it but the advice they gave will stick with me forever. Some of the advice was just simple things and some were huge things that can make a program go from okay to amazing.
Desi made a point to tell us that the program is not our program. The program is the students. This is so true. If as a teacher, you try and do everything and make the program what you want it to be, it will not succeed. A program is only as strong as its weakest length. If the students do not want to do an activity, don’t do it. Their hearts need to be in it and they need to want to do it. If the students are passionate about something, the work you have to do and the stress on you becomes minimal.
Family is everything. Desi, Stephen and Melissa made this very clear. As an agriculture teacher, you are always putting in 110%. You will be gone for days with students. There will be many evenings spend working with students and meetings at night. If your family is not there to support you, it becomes impossible to have a great program. That being said it is also important to leave time for your family. Stephen said to take some days and leave on time and spend the evening with your family. It is okay to spend time with your family and that is very important. When you have a strong family support behind you, anything is possible.
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