The Profile Of Pr Professionals Essay

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Australian public relations industry has too few informations. According to ABS (2009), it claimed Public Relations Professionals are 14,600 in Australia, and 20% of them had registered in the PRIA.

Australia Government has a research post on Job Outlook, and it exhaustively describe the current profile of Public Relations Professionals in Australia. One of the most interesting point is that 72.3% of Public Relations Professionals are female. (Job Outlook 2013) A significant feminization is rather apparent, about 80% of all public relations students in nearly 200 universities are women as early as 1990. (Becker 1990; Sriramesh, Zerfass & Kim 2013) It strongly implies that Public Relations is a more interesting or suitable job for female. Moreover, full time employees stand for 75.4% of Public Relations Professionals, and they weekly works 41.4 hours (Job Outlook 2013). The median age group is 33 years old (compared to 40 years old for all jobs). (Job Outlook 2013) This obviously is a younger industry. It is easy to be understood as the industry of public relations needs creativity and ability to cope with heavy stress.

And if you want to ask why they look like? Public Relation Professionals usually dressed casually unless they have meeting with clients. They are more fashion in general as their job requires them to to jump out ahead of the times. A very senior Public Relations practitioner, Alison Kenny,…

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