The Professional Presence Leslie Bateaste Essay

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Assignment One-FAM332-Professional Presence-Leslie Bateaste
1.) Clothing for the professional interview (male & female) such as slacks, suits, dresses, jackets, etc.

Professional interview attire needs to be appropriate for each career setting. A rule of thumb for the female gender is that you cannot go wrong with a two piece suit. A pants suit with a coordinated blouse is a great option. However, if you decide to wear a dress or a skirt; make sure the length is appropriate for a formal interview. While in a sitting position, remember you should not be able to see a person’s thigh and you should feel comfortable in your attire. Men are advised to wear a solid colored suit, preferably with a long sleeve solid shirt underneath. Both men and women should avoid extremes when choosing their attire and stick with solid colors, such as: navy blue, black, or dark grey. Clothing should be clean, well put together, and wrinkle free.

2.) Accessory items for the professional interview (male & female) such as belts, jewelry, handbags, attaché cases, note books, pens, watches, pins, etc.

Accessory items for both men and women should be very limited. Women shouldn’t over accessorize with big earrings or lots of bracelets, because this can be seen as a distraction. A rule of thumb for both genders is to keep it simple and conservative. Men are encouraged to keep jewelry down to a minimum and it is recommended for them to wear a conservative watch. Men and women are advised to remove any…

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