The Professional Philosophy Of Nurses Essay

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Professional Philosophy
Nurses are very important to the healthcare profession and are likely the ones to make vital improvements and contributions. In my experience, nurses who lack higher education have very little impact to change and/or have the ability to make drastic changes in the culture of nursing. We should be focusing on creating leaders for tomorrow. This will require strong individuals who possess a multidisciplinary level of skill, education, and knowledge. Smalley (2005) states, “Nurses who are self-motivated, continue their education, and are active in professional organizations enjoy career satisfaction and provide better healthcare” (p. 60).

My Background
I began nursing school as a single mother and knew if I could make a change not only for me but other people I could make a difference. I have always wanted to become a nurse as a child and pursued my dreams even during difficult times. I often reflect back on my decisions in life and find myself thanking my nursing education for helping me grow not only personally but professionally.

I began my career as an operating room nurse, circulating and scrubbing every case I could be involved in the pursuit of professional growth. I moved up after one year and began doing level 1 trauma and then pediatric trauma children under the age two. I was in many first time cases for the state of SC, like the first artificial heart case on a pediatric patient, the youngest child to receive a heart, the first DCD…

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