The Professional And Or Ethical Behavior Discussed Essay

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I. Description of the situation. Note the professional and/or ethical behavior discussed.

Even though I have no work experience in human resources just yet, I was able to connect one of the common professional/and or ethical behaviors associated with human resources to a personal life situation. In my undergraduate days, I was an active member of a national sorority; in fact, I served as Secretary for one term and then as President for two. During my time as President, I was faced with empowering others to report unethical behavior or conflicts of interest without fear of reprisal. Holding the role of President for 65 strong minded, opinioninated, and independent women was a challenge, but one I was willing to take.
There was a scenario during my second term as President where I vividly remember having to relate to this particular behavior mentioned above. There were several members of the sorority who felt as those unethical actions were taking place and were being conducted by woman who held executive board positions. As a result of these woman holding powerful positions, the woman who were observing the unethical behavior felt as if they had to remain silent. They were forced to feel uncomfortable in fear of not knowing what would play out if they reported this unethical behavior. The sorority was supposed to make woman feel empowered, not force them to ignore there personal values; soon as this issue was brought to my attention, I know an action plan had to be…

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