Essay The Profession Of Teaching Education

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The Profession of Teaching Education is important. There are many “issues” in education but none would exist if there weren’t any teachers. Throughout this semester we have discussed many different topics and problems. During the final weeks of this class (along with the completion of my ethics exam) I have come to realize that none of those problems should be what is talked about when Education is brought up. Teachers are the ones who should be talked about. The commitment, time, hard work and dedication that teachers display on a daily basis is what should stand out the most. It’s important to learn the difficulties of teaching but by the time they are learned, the decision to teach has already been made. Teaching is a calling. It’s not done for the money or the glory because it’s well known that those are not abundant. Teaching is done in passion. That is the only reason anyone should become a teacher. Teachers are responsible for upholding standards and principles that don’t apply to others. They stand out and they stand up while others just watch. Unfortunately in our current society teachers aren’t given the proper respect that they deserve. It’s important to remember why we teach. In the nineteenth century teachers were recruited and trained to become professionals. There was a growth in urban areas due to immigration. Feminization took place in the field and women upheld every moral value. Females weren’t allowed to be married or seen in public with males. Female…

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