The Profession Of Social Work Essay

719 Words Mar 1st, 2016 3 Pages
The profession of Social Work introduced itself to me at a very tender age. My personal interest in the social work field was solidified when I lived with my paternal aunt and her abusive ex-husband. At age 13, my traits of compassion, empathy and patience allowed me to mentor and guide my aunt when she was most vulnerable. For the past half decade, I have maintained a constant and consistent path to social work, with the hope to obtain my LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) and empower our most vulnerable populations in hospitals and medical centers. Over the last four years, I have immersed myself in human service and social work courses. My interaction with both fields reviled political and public policies’ issues facing our health care sector and the fragmentation between community-based support and hospitals’ treatment. In addition, a common principle that devastates me is the so-called physical from the so-called mental.
Disheartened, I made a mental comment to advance my understanding of how clinical social workers can ensure an experience of care through person-in-environment’s and biopsychosocial’s principles and methods. So, I decided to pursue the school of Social Work’s Behavioral Health Case Management and Integrated Health certificates. The combination of both certificates’ courses and assignments validates that in the near future, I will competently plan, link and advocate while collaborating with general and behavioral healthcare professionals to assist…

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