Essay The Profession Of Social Work As A Career Goal

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A. The Profession of Social Work as a Career Goal
The United States is a country known for protecting and defending their people especially their children. However, after centuries of our society condoning all types of atrocities from infanticide to exploitation of children’s labor and the many attempts to form a functional child welfare system, children who are victims of abuse and neglect do not receive the adequate services and support they need. Abuse comes in many different forms and it doesn’t necessarily come from what many view as immoral or evil. Studies show that children who never been abused but come from dysfunctional families or suffer from crises; divorce or a death in the family display similar disturbed behaviors. Culture, economy, environment and mental health are all some of the many factors that play a role on how we view the world, treat ourselves and others. It is my commitment to social and economic justice that led me to the Silberman School of Social work in Hunter College. I am looking to expand my knowledge and skills to become an expert in my field. I seek to understand the nature of social diversity and oppression from sex to race to mental or physical disability. To better recognize, serve and advocate for the families I work with, to pass this knowledge on to my peers, and lastly, to create a major shift of thinking in the field of Social Work.
The mind has always intrigued me. My interest in the social sciences dates back to my childhood,…

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