The Profession Of Nursing As An Inferior Occupation Essay

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Historically, the profession of nursing has been previously associated as an inferior occupation, one that holds a lower status when compared to other medical professions (Thupayagale & Dithole, 2005, pg. 1). Contrastingly, nursing is one of the most vital careers within the health care system, with continuous demands for their services (Burhans, 2008, pg.2). Generally, a poor perception and understanding of this profession exists which prevent nurses from being accurately recognized for their crucial role within society (Thupayagale & Dithole, 2005, pg.2). Ultimately, to further acknowledge a nurse beyond their presumed characteristics of caring and comforting, the discussion of four symbols will demonstrate this powerful and respectful profession. To begin, the first symbol chosen to embody nursing is waves which characterize the quality of upstream thinking. Moreover, the intention for selecting waves is due to their movement, representing either an upstream or downstream approach, depending on the individual’s perspective. Furthermore, this quality is chosen to depict how nurses advocate, focusing their practice at an individual level, overlooking systematic complications and injustice (Murphy and Norma, 1993, pg.1). Nursing plays an important role in contributing to improving individual’s lives through health promotion and education, contrasting between downstream perspectives, characterized as temporarily fixing a problem (Murphy and Norma, 1993, pg.6). For…

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