The Profession Of Nursing : An Array Of Options For Different Types Of Work Environments

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The profession of nursing has an array of options for different types of work environments. For example, nurses may work in the hospital environment, clinics, nursing homes, etc. However, at the center of every nursing position there should be a main focus and goal of patient safety and providing quality care (). When anyone decides to search for another job position, they should do their research on the position opening and the organization as a whole. There are many tools that nurses can utilize in order to evaluate the characteristics of a work environment such as the Hallmarks of the Professional Nursing Practice Environment and the translation and psychometric evaluation of the Essentials of Magnetism, as well as programs for novice leaders to participate in.
Hallmarks Evaluation The American Association of Colleges of Nursing, “was able to identify those environmental characteristics or "hallmarks" of the practice setting that best support professional nursing practice and allow baccalaureate- and higher degree-prepared nurses to practice to their full potential” (). These hallmarks allow health care employees to understand the characteristics within the health care system that promotes professionalism ().
The Hallmarks used to evaluate the Nursing Environment are as followed:
Manifest a philosophy of clinical care emphasizing quality, safety, interdisciplinary collaboration, continuity of care, and professional accountability. Manifest a philosophy of…

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