The Production Of The Aircraft Essay

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The aircraft is then built in a final assembly manufacturing plant. The amount of assembly required in the assembly plant depends on the manufacturer. At Boeings manufacturing plant in South Carolina, they build the aircraft sections in different buildings, moving each section to the final assembly building to put all major assemblies together. For Airbus, “Sections of the aircraft have been manufactured in the UK, Germany, Spain and France before being transported to Toulouse for assembly”. ("First supersize Airbus assembled," 2004) The final assembly building is also where the aircraft gets the first glimpse of resembling an actual plane. In addition to being built, the aircraft gets serviced with hydraulics, pneumatics, and electricity for the first time. Most of these systems are also functionally tested before moving to the flight line. Similar to how a home being built has inspections for the consumer, aircraft manufacturing offers a similar process. At certain parts of the assembly the customer inspects the aircraft to make sure that it is satisfactory to their standards. This needs to be accomplished at predetermined intervals of the build as doing a detailed inspection of the entire aircraft would be very time consuming and create major roadblocks. An inspection would also need to be done in intervals as having it done later in the build would cover areas that would need to be disassembled in order to inspect.
Once the aircraft is built it then goes to…

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