Essay on The Production Of Esperanza Rising By Lynne Alvarez

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The production of "Esperanza Rising" by Lynne Alvarez was an interesting adaptation of the novel. The stage is set in Mexico during the 1930 's and is about a young Mexican girl named Esperanza. She is the only child of a wealthy landowner and therefore spoiled. During the beginning of the story, everything is business as usual for Esperanza and her family, until tragedy strikes. Bandits kill Esperanza 's father and his wife is meant to inherit the estate, but women were not allowed to own land. Instead, Esperanza 's evil uncle takes over and demands that her mother marries him or else. Her mother chooses to hide and send Esperanza to America with their former servants. This production documents the struggle of not only Esperanza but all Mexican Americans as well when they chose to immigrate to America.
During the beginning of the play I was skeptical, I didn 't think there was anything to be learned from this production. One of the factors that contributed most to my preconceived notion was the fact it was oriented towards a younger audience. I was surprised by the play 's ability to simplify ideas so the adolescent audience could relate and follow. Yet have a deeper meaning that the adults could relate to. One such example of this was when Miguel was messing around with Esperanza and his mother told him he was too old to do that anymore. It was a simple moment, but it established the basis of social divisions that were evident throughout. It began as an intercultural…

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