The Process Of Welding Developed From Blacksmithing Essay example

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The process of welding developed from Blacksmithing. In the 19th century, Edmund Davy discovered an impacting thing for the welding industry, which was the way we know welding is done now, with flames. To me the way that was used back then just seems like a waste of time, but as time flies by many things change by so much. There is many different types of welding method. Each welder may prefer a method over another.
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Welding has been around for a long time, therefore it has also changed much within the years. Many years ago, it just consisted of hammering to get the job done, but welding has evolved so much that there are different gases involved in welding. When the generator was introduced, there was another type of welding created to work along with a generator. I decided to choose this topic because it 's interesting to me how welding works to melt metal in such a small amount of time and make it strong and durable. It catches my attention how metal is strong and tough, but yet so quick to bring two pieces together. Some expectations that I have going into this project are to learn some skill on how to weld but also to have a good time doing this project, I wouldn 't want to be all stressed over the project either. Overall the main thing is to just make this project a fun thing.
When welding there are a few concerns to take in mind regarding health issues. The most common of the health issues are eye sight injuries. Welders have to…

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