Essay about The Process Of The Scor Model

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Steve Schoenbeck
Memo: #2 (Plan)

The plan step is in my opinion the most important part of the processes section of the SCOR Model. Without the plan step, any sort of process will be impossible to accomplish, or at the very least done very poorly. Just like anything in life, if you are not properly planning for something, it will make it much harder to do well. According to APICS the plan step is a part of the processes “pillar” which seems to me like it is simply a way of sorting out the supply chain into an organized scheduled chart. The one thing that is apparent during the entire processes “pillar” is that planning is constant throughout the entire thing. The steps source, make, deliver, return, and enable are all a part of the processes “pillar” and according to APICS the plan step is an overarching step that should always be present during the other steps. I think a perfect example is when we played the beer game in class. We all knew that we had to source our product and deliver it to our customer. While we didn’t really have anything to do in the “make” step, it was clear that we all failed in the “plan” step. We did not all plan very far in advance, or did not think to plan in the proper time frame. The fatal flaw of all of our teams was not planning around the shipping delays, or the production delays for the brewery. While we did not know what the demand was going to be, it became clear that making uneducated and not well thought out decisions was a terrible…

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