The Process Of Resilience : Is It Worth The Shot? Essay

1628 Words Mar 6th, 2015 7 Pages
The process of Resilience is to accomplish a challenge that was bringing you down and to learn from it. Some people believe that those who struggle in life will never be successful. Life challenges can literally affect your way of viewing things. It will make you believe that nothing is worth the shot for. That life is just terrible as hell, however, what you don’t realize is that you are on process for success. When you overcome that challenge you are experiencing, you are going to gain physical and mental strength. In every day of our life, we will always be facing some kind of a challenge. There are many kind of challenges, the only way to accomplish them is by staying motivated and determined. As a kid, you are going to be facing the most difficult challenges. The first challenge you have to accomplish as a kid, is going to school for the first time. The greatness about that challenge is that it will help you feel more comfortable facing any challenges in school. Furthermore, when they get to a higher grade, they will not feel nervous as when they did as a kid. The worst challenge for a child is for to realize they grew up with foster parents. For a foster kid, accepting the fact that they don 't have their original parents, can change their whole mind set on things. I understand what can be going through their mind, for sure they will be angry knowing their parents had abandoned them. However, it is going to lower their self esteem, and they will not feel…

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