The Process Of Development And Implementation Of Digital Social Mapping

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In this case, the process of development and implementation of digital social mapping is identified based on varied source to reveal best learning practice of the project therefore this research will use case study method (Lincoln and Guba 1985) with emphasis on the process of creating digital social mapping and the implementation of mapping result to support the development. The case study is an assessment of phenomenon or cases in real life. However, the boundaries between the phenomenon and the case in the gray area, therefore, different sources are needed to make the case more understandable (Yin 2013).
Yin divides case study into four types:
1. Single case design (Holistic)
2. Single case design (Embedded)
3. Multiple case design (Holistic)
4. Multiple case design (embedded)

Source: (Yin 2013)
Picture 3.1. Case study design
This research conducted in two villages in Lombok Island which are Kopang Rembige village and Tete Batu Selatan village, therefore, this research is multiple cases. The research would explore the process of making and implementation of digital social mapping. This research would assess in detail the development process of digital social mapping and the use of mapping result. The two villages have a different motive in order to apply digital social mapping. The Kopang Rembige village used the digital social mapping based on external intervention while the Tete Batu Selatan used the digital social mapping based on the village head…

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