The Process For Support Plan Essay

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The process for support plan would consist of a student and teacher, classroom observations with ongoing support and direct or written feedback, routine consultations to measure and evaluate progress throughout, identifying target behaviors and their triggers, developing goals, strategies and rewards as a team and implementing specific planned instructions interventions and assessments to improve Marty’s present behavior at an intensity level or tiered support that is best for Marty. If you would like to proceed with the services mentioned under applied behavior analysis the consent you Mrs. Marty as the parent of a minor is required on the following forms here. I will also need for us to be open to possible changes and modifications to Marty’s service interventions and as needed the development and introduction of new programs and curriculum procedures. The goal is to sit again with you all as soon as it is convenient for the both of you to proceed with services and gather more information about Marty and to walk through the classroom and see how it is set up. You can look of over the informational packet and consent forms in the meantime.
Tier 1 Target Variables
Rules: It is essential for children’s productivity to be provided a safe, predictable environment with a focus on building positive relationships. By establishing and enforcing rules children are less likely to break them because of the children will have developed a clear understanding and function for rules as a…

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