Essay about The Procedure Of A Lower Rhytidectomy ( Neck Lift

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A Lower Rhytidectomy (Neck Lift) is a surgical procedure designed to address signs of aging in the neck and jawline. Dr. John Michael Thomassen is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who performs Neck Lifts at his surgical suite in Fort Lauderdale.

Reasons People Choose to Have a Neck Lift

Individuals who notice that they have excessive wrinkling in the skin on their neck, a double chin, ‘turkey wattle’ and jowl lines, but do not feel they need a full facelift will sometimes choose to have a Neck Lift.

Various factors cause the loss of youthful contours in the neck and face. These factors include environmental conditions, genetics, gravity and stress.

Issues a Lower Rhytidectomy Can Address

A Neck Lift can address:

Loose skin on the neck. Fatty deposits beneath the chin. The excess fat and relaxed skin that creates the jowls on the lower portion face. Muscle bands on the neck (caused by abnormal contours).

An Ideal Candidate for a Neck Lift in Fort Lauderdale

A good candidate for a Lower Rhytidectomy is:

An individual who has realistic expectations and a positive outlook as to what a Neck Lift can accomplish. A healthy individual who does not smoke.

A Neck Lift Consultation with Dr. Thomassen in Fort Lauderdale – What to Expect

During their Lower Rhytidectomy consultation, patients should be prepared to discuss their surgical goals. Dr. Thomassen will want to know if the patient has any medical conditions, has previously…

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