The Problems With Gun Control Essay

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The Problems with Gun Control Before we begin on the topic of Gun Control, I would like to confess that I am completely against it. I feel that is unfair to the people who use these guns in their daily lives for hunting or fun. I personally use a gun for simple things such as shooting gophers or for target practice. Knowing that we have guns in our house makes me feel safe if there was ever a thief or killer in the area. In this day in age, you never know what people can and will do to another human being. As of now almost all guns are banned in the UK and the death rate went from 1.43 percent to 2.1 percent by guns in a matter of 4 years (conservatives united). With all of these mass shootings occurring the citizens have no way to protect themselves. Criminals are always going to find a way to find guns and ammunition, this cannot be stopped. Gun Control only affects the people who rightfully buy their guns legally and safely. They go through the legal process to secure these weapons, occasionally you may find a couple of these gun owners who will do something stupid. Even if this happens, it is nothing compared to consequences we may face when are citizens are completely defenseless against killers with guns. Before guns were even created, people still found ways to harm each other. Knives could easily replace the use of a gun if they were taken away. There will always be violence gun or not, we cannot stop this issue. In the 1970s stricter gun laws were made and they…

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