The Problems and Solutions of Overcrowding in Modern Cities Essay

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The Problems and Solutions of Overcrowding in Modern Cities

Now In the world there are many cities which are facing overcrowding, such as London, Tokyo, New York, Paris, Beijing, Singapore, Manila and Rio. But, few people know the exact meaning of the term “overcrowding”. There is a popular definition which is widely accepted by scholars: “an outgrowth of excessive size is overcrowding, meaning too many people occupying little space.” (Brunn et al, 1983, p37). Overcrowding causes huge problems such as housing, congestion, unemployment, air pollution, social problems and energy tension. The aim of this essay is to discuss the potential problems and solutions in overcrowded cities. Housing problem is the first important issue which
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Firstly, government must make an investment shift to infrastructures such as house buildings, rubbish disposing sites, broad roads, hospitals and schools. It is widely believed that there should be a precondition-- the government takes long-term planning and scientific city structure design to relieve the overcrowding. “Satellite city” is widely believed as a positive way because in these areas there has abundant lands to develop more houses to help evacuate downtown citizens to suburban places where on the assumption that relevant infrastructures should be in shape, for instance, houses, schools, hospitals, business buildings and supermarkets. Thus people in new satellite cities can work, shop, receive education and see a doctor there. Secondly, government has to make great efforts to create more jobs for people. Unemployment issue can cause potential dangers, for example, psychological problem of individual, to the society. Particularly crimes are often caused by long-term unemployment or underemployment. Since everyone living in cities needs services such as banking, rental, health care, training, food and drink, so government can proactively create the potential job market to help individual find a job which can feed him at least. Virtually Service industrial is a very huge market and in developed countries usually covers more than two-thirds of its GDP. Developing countries could learn the experience from developed countries. Furthermore, developed

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